The Studio

Studio DANCE is a center of creativity and high energy. We inspire you to live more by dancing more. We offer dancers of all levels a place to explore and create, to build self-confidence and self-discipline. Come and connect with others who share a love of dance. We are a produce support of the arts, and produce several dance shows every year to promote new talent and expose the general public to the art and beauty of dance.

The Concept

We offer cutting-edge classes in new genres such as Modern Jazz and Hip Hop, as well as more traditional classes in ballet and tap. Our instructors are renowned dancers who provide students with the basic skills they need to go on and express themselves fully in the dance style they prefer. Dancers of every level of experience and skill are invited to our workshops. We are also thrilled to welcome dancers with physical limitations or disabilities.   

The Atmosphere

Studio DANCE is located in the green Richmond suburbs outside of the city, and surrounded by green trees and chirping birds. The setting is pastoral and relaxing, an ideal break from the bustling city nearby. Our classes are held in four bright and spacious studios that are equipped with excellent sound systems. The environment in our classes is energetic, positive, welcoming and high energy. We love to dance, and you’ll feel it. 

The Energy

Each and every one of our teachers is passionate about dance. It’s a passion that comes through in every dance class and workshop, bringing positive energy and excitement into every moment. You’ll leave our classes feeling buoyant and more energetic than you felt when you walked in. 
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